Seth Rollins vs. Triple H Wrestlemania 33 Winner, Full Match, Highlight Video Download

wwe wrestlemania 33 results| Full Matches, Highlights, Video :- King of Kings finally back in wrestlemania to Fight with Seth Rollins, Yes we are talking about the most anticipated match which is going to Happen in wrestlemania 33. In the last two years Triple H isn’t face any superstar but Time is back when her fans Going to see in the in the biggest Night of the year i.e Wrestlemania 33. In the last one year is didn’t face any superstar because of busy schedule but due to less possible matches in this pay per view official of wwe decided to have a match Between these two Super star.

Both Seth Rollins and Triple are Experience Wrestler in the entire Universe, Initially i am expecting this tag team match but later wwe decide to have a single Match. Priority of winning Triple H seem to be little high than excited. Now let’s take a look at the full report which you may waiting for.

Wrestlemania 33 Full Match results| Seth Rollins Vs Triple H

wwe wrestlemania 33 results

To see the Full Match between Triple H and Seth Rollins it is important to know the full official Video. In the starting of this match Seth Rollins looks aggressive but Triple H above to survive in this match, He use more than 2 Spear to Seth Rollins but at the end Seth Rollins Win the match. This is back to back Victory for Seth Rollins and i am sure In money in the bank Triple H will take a revenge for this match.

Stephanie Mcmahon was also there to see this match but she unable to help Triple H this time, I am initially supposing that Triple H could be winner the match but he Loss the Wrestlemania 33 match. Public also enjoy the Divas championship match this time. Sasha banks able to retain the championship match again this time which is a positive news i would say. Now we would like to show you little more things about this Pay per view.

Triple H vs Seth Rollins WWE wrestlemania 2017

Public Still remember that time when Both Seth Rollins and Triple H are friends. In every match with Dean Ambrose and Roman reigns he favor Seth Rollins. Being and great geek of wwe i Always love to see the match between these superstar. Before one month no one didn’t expect that both these superstar can be a Opponent of each other but yesterday in Monday Night raw Triple H Use a spear to Seth Rollins and beat Him. There are many special moment Capture before Road to Wrestlemania out of which this match is also one of them.

To check out the full Matches of Wrestlemania 33 you can Wait for some hours so that the full Report get update soon. I hope you are also planing to watch these match. Keep checking more stuff about wwe wrestlemania 33 full matches results.

Main Event Wwe Wrestlemania 33, Randy Orton Vs John Cena

After winning Royal rumble 2017 Main event has been fixed for wwe wrestlemania 33, Everyone know that Randy orton has win this year royal rumble but still there are lot of rumors are spreading all around the world. If you previously watch royal rumble all episode then you also know that after defeating Aj styles, John cena won the wwe title and On April 2nd he would have to face Orton. I must say that for the wwe championship this would be a great match and everyone should see this.

Some people want to see a match Between Roman reigns vs Randy orton this year but it ins’t confirm yet when we will see it. This year royal rumble is just incredible, we saw top superstar in the same ring which we never see before. Legends like Undertaker, Brock lesnar, Goldberg all appear in the same ring and eliminate other superstars.

Wwe wrestlemania 33 Main Event

wrestlemania 33 match main event

First thing which you need to understand is that wrestle mania 2017 will happen on 2nd april and not only the main event but three big superstar will appear in the same ring. Crowd of this year show is also much more higher than any other. Chance of winning John Cena is little bit higher than any other superstar. we have see in royal rumble that Both Aj styles and cena fight for one hour and after some many Attitude adjustment he won’t give up. This is just a positive thing.

On the other hand Cena has Losed tittle in previous wrestle mania that’s why it is must to win the championship this year.  After winning the championship battle against Aj style, John cena become 16th time world heavyweight championship which is just great. We must have to see this championship battle against Randy orton. Sometime people ask us about the prediction of main event result but we currently can’t predict who will won the championship but it will be confirm once it happens.


Prediction of Winner of wwe Wrestlemania 2017

We have discuss you about the above given match but some match will be decided after elimination chamber this year. If John cena able to retain the title in this match up then i must say that This main event will surely happens but we have to wait for sometime. For wwe managers it is difficult to fix a match against Undertaker, Some rumors said that Roman reigns could be the next opponent of this year show but still it is not confirm yet. I hope you impress with the above given information about wrestlemania 2017 main event prediction.