Jeff Hardy Vs Undertaker in wrestlemania 2017, rumors wwe wrestlemania 33

wwe wrestlemania 33 jeff hardy vs Undertaker who wins the match :-  As the pay per view event of Survivor Series is coming on 30th October many of the superstar will be a part of this big event in Canada, Toronto. With that event only a big warrior of WWE can make his return to wwe with this event, this will be the first time that he will make his appearance after the wrestlemania 32. In that event he has a fight with the Shane Mcmahon and Undertaker won that match which was a Hell In a Cell Match. Now after that event undertaker has not make a appearance in WWE yet now.

So expectations are that he will make his entry in the Survivor Series and will announce his match for Wrestlemania 33 Which will be held on 2nd April 2017.

wwe wrestlemania 33 Undertaker’s Match:-


When Brock Lesnar has broken winning streak of undertaker about two years ago, everyone thought that Undertaker will not return in the ring again but apart from the all expectations Undertaker make his comeback in the survivor series and fought a match with Shane Mcmahon. Now he has to make his appearance in the survivor series if he once make his appearance in this coming pay per view event then probably he will announce his next match in Wrestlemania.

Undertaker will make his entry in his style as it’s his favorite pay per view event and undertaker is also known as for his special entries. Many of times he has been buried alive in caffeine but he has made his come back in a special way or in his special style.

wwe wrestlemania 2017 Challenges for Undertaker :-

From all of the news many of the challenges has been coming in rumour that Undertaker can face in the coming Wrestlemania 33 Event 2017. But confirmation will be made on the comeback of undertaker in the ring.

First it was rumor that Goldberg will make his entry in wrestlemania 33 and have challange to undertaker for a fight with him but as now it has become official that Goldberg will fight with Brock Lesnar in the Coming Wrestlemania Event 33. Goldberg has said all this in a live interview of him that he want to make a fight match with Brock Lesnar.

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Everyone know that Jeff Hardy is already In TNA from the last few year but due to heavy response of audience in this wrestlemania wwe decide to make his return in wwe this year. This is only due to last match of his carrier. Jeff hardy may retired next year that’s why fans want that they like to see him with undertaker this year. if this happen then wwe wrestlemania 2017 going to be much awesome this year. one common reason is that returns of these two superstar and other is returns of goldberg to face brock lesnar this year. In the official page you can see that Golberg tweets as well as news of his returns. Now you have to wait for the month of april this year and at the same time it will be decided who going to fight with taker this year in wrestlemania 33. So keep checking all latest stuff about wwe wrestlemania 33.


Goldberg Returns wwe wrestlemania 33, Returns 2017 wrestlemania

wwe wrestlemania 33 goldberg returns, checkout wwe wrestlemania 2017 returns goldberg :-  Wrestlemania is the one of the big pay-per-view event of WWE which is going to be placed on the 2nd April 2017 next year. Many of the big superstar of wwe which are professionally trained for this match will take part in this event, and fans are also waiting for this event as they will find a chance to see their favorite superstar, by with this of our article we will provide you the all of the official details about this event, you just need to read out all of the article full. This Wrestlemania 33 event 2017 is gonna be happened in the Camping Stadium of Orlando, Florida on 2nd April 2017.

wwe wrestlemania 2017 returns| goldberg :-



If we talks about the latest updates then a news is coming from the wwe is that Bill Goldberg is making his comeback in the wwe again with this of a big event in 2016 and this will increase the excitement of the wrestlemania in the fans of the wwe Stars, Goldberg is a big name in itself and if he will make comeback in the wwe from the wrestlemania then it will be really a great attraction to watch this.

So for the next year Wrestlemania is creating news from now only, if you now about this then nearly 3 or 4 years back now Dwayne Johnson- The Rock has made his comeback to the wwe from this event only i.e. wrestlemania and he fought a match with the John Cena, and Rock became the winner of that match after defeating the John Cena his entry made a huge excitement in the audience, Now this is again happening as a old Big Star making his Comeback in the WWE so lets see what will happens.

It’s will be a great thing to watch that with whom he will fight in this event, Every fan of wwe really wanna see him to fight with the one of the big star of the wwe so if you know then you can guess that Bill Goldberg either will fight with the Undertaker or Brock Lesnar or John Cena.

wwe wrestlemania 2017 results

In one of his interview Bill Goldberg while hinted about his entry also give hint that he wanna fight with the Beast of the wwe Brock Lesnar last match of bill Goldberg was against Beast Incarnate.

In his interview Goldberg said ” “No matter how old I am and you never say never but I mean it’s getting close to that clock kind of stopping on me but I mean you know you never seen we need one more in may. Man, I still can do it at 49. Brock, you’re next,” Goldberg said as he ripped a shirt with Lesnar’s name on it, On this which may put goldberg in worry is that he is not in a touch with wrestling over past few years, So opponents like lesnar can get the advantage for face him. on the other hand if fatel 4 way match occur this year then this match going to be much more excited for everyone.

wwe wrestlemania 33 Match prediction 2017, Event, April 2017

wrestlemania 33 match prediction, checkout wwe wrestlemania 33 event prediction :- Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the WWE network in which all of the professionally trained wrestler takes part, now with the successful thirty second edition of wrestlemania by the wwe in the AT&T Stadium Arlington Texas. Now all the eyes are toward the next big event of wrestlemania even which will be hold on 2nd April 2017 in Florida. This will be the 2nd wrestlemania event which will be held in the Florida and will host this big annual event of the WWE.

Every match of this annual event of wwe will attract the audience toward itself. this is the attraction and power of this WWE event that fans books all of the tickets early before the match about weeks ago. So that they would not miss the chance to see their favorite star with their naked eyes in front of them.

Wrestlemania 2017 Match Prediction:-

wrestlemania 33 matches, prediction

Before talking about the some interesting match prediction of the wwe event wrestlmania lets have a near look at the winners of the mains match in the thirty 2nd event of the wrestlemania.

In this match which was host by the Arlington Texas, many stars made their presence in this match and fight with their opposite contender. This wwe edition got many success

As in one of the match between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose which was the no hold barred street match get the many excitement, every one was excited to see this fight and when this match placed in this event many of the fans come to see, this match between this two superstar continues over than 13 minutes and as expectations were Brock lesnar won that match but Ambrose fight in that match against the Brock more then the expectations.

In some another matches if you know Roman Reigns defeated The Triple HHH in the world heavyweight championship, this was the longest match of this edition which was continues to go on for over then 27 minutes.

Wrestlemania 33 WWE Event, Match 2017 :-

If we talks about the Upcoming event of Wrestlemania 33 then may be you will see some Superstar while making their entry back in the wwe with the wrestlemania.

One of the big Match fixation you can see in this event with a match between The ROCK and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yes from the coming news we got that Stone cold can make his entry in this big event of the year 2017.

Another Big match you can see may be between the John Cena and The Undertaker and it would be a hell in a cell match. Undertaker is the main attraction of this event as many of his fans comes every year for seeing him fighting in wrestlemania.

Brock Lesnar always accepted the given challenge to him this time he will face Roman Reigns in the ring while taking the revange of his friend Dean Ambross for the WWE Heavy weight Championship.

These all are the Main match Fixation prediction that you would see in the Upcoming event of WWE Wrestlemania 2017. keep checking wrestlemania 2017 results

wwe wrestlemania 33 Venue| Date| 2017, Big Prediction of wwe

Hello friends checkout wwe wrestlemania 2017 Venue| Date| wwe wrestlemania 33 venue, date Prediction of wwe :- With the Successful Edition of wrestlemania 32 now WWE is going to host the new Wrestlemania 33 event soon in the April 2017. This going to held at the Camping World Stadium Orlando in the Florida. It will be the Big pay-per-view event, every year Lacs of WWE fans book there ticket pre event about two or three months before as the tickets available on the internet.

All of the WWE fans from the different parts of world comes to see their favorite superstar, in this event. As you know Undertaker has the huge of fan following in the world and he just make his appearance for this pay-per-view event only and this time too, he will be the main attraction of the event.

wwe wrestlemania April 2017:-

wwe wrestlemania 33 venue, date

This Coming 2nd April first Sunday, Florida will host the WWE’s big event Wrestlemania 33, all of the professional superstars will come forward in the big event to fight with the fix matches with other superstars. WWE World Championship match, WWE tag team Match, WWE intercontinental Championship, WWE women World Championship match, United State championship this will be the main fix title match of this Event at Florida.

WrestleMania 33 at Florida:-

Florida is hosting this time this pay-per-view event at the Camping World Stadium of Orlando, This will be the second event of the Wrestlemania since 2008, since last wrestlemania hosted here no other big wrestlemania event placed there, but now on the 2 April sunday it will host this,

According to news on Florida is that in 2015 florida welcomed total 105 million of visitor their and made a world records in itself for welcoming the visitors in this big numbers and in this coming year may be it will be possible that Florida will host more of the visitors and will set a new record again.

2017  wwe wrestlemania 33 venue date:-

All of the professional trained wrestler are now preparing himself for this big event, as these superstars are the main attraction of this wrestlemania and lacs of the people came every year to see their super stars at this event. This time many of the big superstar will come in this event like always and will be their to cheering or entertaining their fans. there is still no big prediction for the match fixation but according to the rumors we can see some of the star can see fighting again with each other yes,

One of them is the Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton, recently in the main event of summerslam brock lesnar hits randy orton badly but its are coming rumors that he will be there fight again with the beast again in the Big Main event at WrestleMania 33,

Other official updates are not there still, if it will be update official we will provide you here through our website just be connected to us for more updates. This pay per view surely going to be much more memorable. finally we have update the wwe wrestlemania 33 venue, and wwe wrestlemania 33 date.