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wwe wrestlemania 33 goldberg returns, checkout wwe wrestlemania 2017 returns goldberg :-  Wrestlemania is the one of the big pay-per-view event of WWE which is going to be placed on the 2nd April 2017 next year. Many of the big superstar of wwe which are professionally trained for this match will take part in this event, and fans are also waiting for this event as they will find a chance to see their favorite superstar, by with this of our article we will provide you the all of the official details about this event, you just need to read out all of the article full. This Wrestlemania 33 event 2017 is gonna be happened in the Camping Stadium of Orlando, Florida on 2nd April 2017.

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If we talks about the latest updates then a news is coming from the wwe is that Bill Goldberg is making his comeback in the wwe again with this of a big event in 2016 and this will increase the excitement of the wrestlemania in the fans of the wwe Stars, Goldberg is a big name in itself and if he will make comeback in the wwe from the wrestlemania then it will be really a great attraction to watch this.

So for the next year Wrestlemania is creating news from now only, if you now about this then nearly 3 or 4 years back now Dwayne Johnson- The Rock has made his comeback to the wwe from this event only i.e. wrestlemania and he fought a match with the John Cena, and Rock became the winner of that match after defeating the John Cena his entry made a huge excitement in the audience, Now this is again happening as a old Big Star making his Comeback in the WWE so lets see what will happens.

It’s will be a great thing to watch that with whom he will fight in this event, Every fan of wwe really wanna see him to fight with the one of the big star of the wwe so if you know then you can guess that Bill Goldberg either will fight with the Undertaker or Brock Lesnar or John Cena.

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In one of his interview Bill Goldberg while hinted about his entry also give hint that he wanna fight with the Beast of the wwe Brock Lesnar last match of bill Goldberg was against Beast Incarnate.

In his interview Goldberg said ” “No matter how old I am and you never say never but I mean it’s getting close to that clock kind of stopping on me but I mean you know you never seen we need one more in may. Man, I still can do it at 49. Brock, you’re next,” Goldberg said as he ripped a shirt with Lesnar’s name on it, On this which may put goldberg in worry is that he is not in a touch with wrestling over past few years, So opponents like lesnar can get the advantage for face him. on the other hand if fatel 4 way match occur this year then this match going to be much more excited for everyone.