Main Event Wwe Wrestlemania 33, Randy Orton Vs John Cena

After winning Royal rumble 2017 Main event has been fixed for wwe wrestlemania 33, Everyone know that Randy orton has win this year royal rumble but still there are lot of rumors are spreading all around the world. If you previously watch royal rumble all episode then you also know that after defeating Aj styles, John cena won the wwe title and On April 2nd he would have to face Orton. I must say that for the wwe championship this would be a great match and everyone should see this.

Some people want to see a match Between Roman reigns vs Randy orton this year but it ins’t confirm yet when we will see it. This year royal rumble is just incredible, we saw top superstar in the same ring which we never see before. Legends like Undertaker, Brock lesnar, Goldberg all appear in the same ring and eliminate other superstars.

Wwe wrestlemania 33 Main Event

wrestlemania 33 match main event

First thing which you need to understand is that wrestle mania 2017 will happen on 2nd april and not only the main event but three big superstar will appear in the same ring. Crowd of this year show is also much more higher than any other. Chance of winning John Cena is little bit higher than any other superstar. we have see in royal rumble that Both Aj styles and cena fight for one hour and after some many Attitude adjustment he won’t give up. This is just a positive thing.

On the other hand Cena has Losed tittle in previous wrestle mania that’s why it is must to win the championship this year.  After winning the championship battle against Aj style, John cena become 16th time world heavyweight championship which is just great. We must have to see this championship battle against Randy orton. Sometime people ask us about the prediction of main event result but we currently can’t predict who will won the championship but it will be confirm once it happens.


Prediction of Winner of wwe Wrestlemania 2017

We have discuss you about the above given match but some match will be decided after elimination chamber this year. If John cena able to retain the title in this match up then i must say that This main event will surely happens but we have to wait for sometime. For wwe managers it is difficult to fix a match against Undertaker, Some rumors said that Roman reigns could be the next opponent of this year show but still it is not confirm yet. I hope you impress with the above given information about wrestlemania 2017 main event prediction.

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