Wwe Fastlane 2017 results| Prediction of Matches| Goldberg Vs Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens Vs Fastlane 2017 matches, result :- Before wrestlemania 33 only one pay per view Left i.e Fastlane 2017. From the starting of 2017 excitement among people are getting high because of goldberg, Recently in Royal rumble 2017 we have notice some big superstar of wwe in the same ring but now in Fastlane two big superstar are going face each other i.e Goldberg vs Kevin. After returns in wwe only one match has been seen by wwe unvierse i.e in Survivor series 2016. In survivor series match we notice that Goldberg beat lesnar within 3 Minutes which is too short than any other match, Now public want to see a complete fight between both these Wrestler.

Goldberg vs Kevin Owens| Fastlane 2017

Before Wrestlemania goldberg wants to beat kevin owens in one on one match up. In today’s world Goldberg is one of the biggest wrestler of the world so to win the championship match for Kevin owens is not gonna be easy. If you don’t know much more about Goldberg and what he actually do in royal rumble then you should watch some Previous match of Goldberg for better understanding his power. very few wrestler in wwe are capable to stand one on one with goldberg that’s why the match is seem to look big than any other match.

Possibility of winning goldberg is too high in Fastlane 2017, There are many big match also have been signed by wwe but parority of winning this match is far far higher than other match. I personally want to see a triple threat match between Goldberg, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho but it can’t be possible because of some reason. Some people are still giving a heavy response to this match but it can’t be possible.


Wwe fastlane 2017 matches

Another big match which is going to play a very important role in wwe is Match between Brown snowman and Roman reigns. This will also be a single not disqualification match, Winner of both these match will also got a chance to face a championship match in wwe. After fastlane 2017 people next attention is on wrestlemania 2017. Now let’s see what happen in fastlane 2017. This is a great chance for Goldberg as well to win a Universal championship match very easily. I don’t think that Kevin have guts to face a strong wrestler like Goldberg but in wwe you can’t predict before the match. Very less match in wrestle mania have this much high capability. Overall these are the report about Fastlane 2017 Matches.

Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg Match Wrestlemania 33

Goldberg will fight Brock lesnar In wrestlemania 2017 :- After Loosing match in survivor series the beast isn’t got any chance to have a match Against Brock Lesnar but now the dream may come true because Recently in Monday Night Raw Episode Goldberg accept the challenge of Brock lesnar to face him in Wrestlemania 2017. Million of fan all across the world are waiting to see both these In One On one match but no one can’t say when we Will saw Them Against each other, Being and great lover of wwe i often Update my self with the latest match which could happen this year in wrestlemania. As Undertaker is getting older year by year so excitement to watch taken in a match it not that much high. This year royal rumble is also an important for all of us because we saw top Superstar of wwe Such as Big Show, Brock lesnar, Goldberg and Undertaker in the same ring. Unfortunately Goldberg Unable to win the title Championship But we have to say that the Match is just amazing and we must have to see it.

Wrestlemania 33 Goldberg Vs Brock Lesnar

brock lesnar vs goldberg wrestlemania 2017


Biggest question in everyone’s mind is that What will happens at Wrestlemania 33, well currently we can’t predict this report because both these superstar are Strong competitors and Expectation show that Brock lesnar could win this year championship only because we want to revenge of previous match. In royal rumble we get shocked when Goldberg Eliminate lesnar in just one minute. If these is a not disqualification match in wrestlemania 33 then i must say that Match going to be much more important than expected.

Before this it is interesting to know about the match which happens in Elimination Chamber. After royal rumble Chris jericho come in front of Goldberg and said that Kevin Owens will fight with your one on one for the Championship title and goldberg accept that You and your title are next. Aggressive Goldberg also said that Brock lesnar will be next for wrestlemania 33 and i can’t wait myself to see both of them On one stage.

Now it is interesting to know much more about that is this match is confirm, Answer should come from the brock lesnar side. Currently Paul heyman Didn’t commit anything related to his beast but as soon as possible reply surely come from other side.

Wwe Wrestlemania 2017 Lesnar

As we already told you all things about Goldberg and lesnar now we have to wait for the Contact Signing. In Camping world stadium crowd can be double then previous year. No other night can’t be better than wrestle mania. Some sites like Forbes, said that This year wrestle mania is 10 time bigger than other. Now let’s see How much response does this pay per view able to gain from audience. I hope you impress with the above given information which we provide you. If you have anything to know Regarding Brock lesnar vs Goldberg at wrestlemania 2017. then You can comment below for more details,

Main Event Wwe Wrestlemania 33, Randy Orton Vs John Cena

After winning Royal rumble 2017 Main event has been fixed for wwe wrestlemania 33, Everyone know that Randy orton has win this year royal rumble but still there are lot of rumors are spreading all around the world. If you previously watch royal rumble all episode then you also know that after defeating Aj styles, John cena won the wwe title and On April 2nd he would have to face Orton. I must say that for the wwe championship this would be a great match and everyone should see this.

Some people want to see a match Between Roman reigns vs Randy orton this year but it ins’t confirm yet when we will see it. This year royal rumble is just incredible, we saw top superstar in the same ring which we never see before. Legends like Undertaker, Brock lesnar, Goldberg all appear in the same ring and eliminate other superstars.

Wwe wrestlemania 33 Main Event

wrestlemania 33 match main event

First thing which you need to understand is that wrestle mania 2017 will happen on 2nd april and not only the main event but three big superstar will appear in the same ring. Crowd of this year show is also much more higher than any other. Chance of winning John Cena is little bit higher than any other superstar. we have see in royal rumble that Both Aj styles and cena fight for one hour and after some many Attitude adjustment he won’t give up. This is just a positive thing.

On the other hand Cena has Losed tittle in previous wrestle mania that’s why it is must to win the championship this year.  After winning the championship battle against Aj style, John cena become 16th time world heavyweight championship which is just great. We must have to see this championship battle against Randy orton. Sometime people ask us about the prediction of main event result but we currently can’t predict who will won the championship but it will be confirm once it happens.


Prediction of Winner of wwe Wrestlemania 2017

We have discuss you about the above given match but some match will be decided after elimination chamber this year. If John cena able to retain the title in this match up then i must say that This main event will surely happens but we have to wait for sometime. For wwe managers it is difficult to fix a match against Undertaker, Some rumors said that Roman reigns could be the next opponent of this year show but still it is not confirm yet. I hope you impress with the above given information about wrestlemania 2017 main event prediction.