Jeff Hardy Vs Undertaker in wrestlemania 2017, rumors wwe wrestlemania 33

wwe wrestlemania 33 jeff hardy vs Undertaker who wins the match :-  As the pay per view event of Survivor Series is coming on 30th October many of the superstar will be a part of this big event in Canada, Toronto. With that event only a big warrior of WWE can make his return to wwe with this event, this will be the first time that he will make his appearance after the wrestlemania 32. In that event he has a fight with the Shane Mcmahon and Undertaker won that match which was a Hell In a Cell Match. Now after that event undertaker has not make a appearance in WWE yet now.

So expectations are that he will make his entry in the Survivor Series and will announce his match for Wrestlemania 33 Which will be held on 2nd April 2017.

wwe wrestlemania 33 Undertaker’s Match:-


When Brock Lesnar has broken winning streak of undertaker about two years ago, everyone thought that Undertaker will not return in the ring again but apart from the all expectations Undertaker make his comeback in the survivor series and fought a match with Shane Mcmahon. Now he has to make his appearance in the survivor series if he once make his appearance in this coming pay per view event then probably he will announce his next match in Wrestlemania.

Undertaker will make his entry in his style as it’s his favorite pay per view event and undertaker is also known as for his special entries. Many of times he has been buried alive in caffeine but he has made his come back in a special way or in his special style.

wwe wrestlemania 2017 Challenges for Undertaker :-

From all of the news many of the challenges has been coming in rumour that Undertaker can face in the coming Wrestlemania 33 Event 2017. But confirmation will be made on the comeback of undertaker in the ring.

First it was rumor that Goldberg will make his entry in wrestlemania 33 and have challange to undertaker for a fight with him but as now it has become official that Goldberg will fight with Brock Lesnar in the Coming Wrestlemania Event 33. Goldberg has said all this in a live interview of him that he want to make a fight match with Brock Lesnar.

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Everyone know that Jeff Hardy is already In TNA from the last few year but due to heavy response of audience in this wrestlemania wwe decide to make his return in wwe this year. This is only due to last match of his carrier. Jeff hardy may retired next year that’s why fans want that they like to see him with undertaker this year. if this happen then wwe wrestlemania 2017 going to be much awesome this year. one common reason is that returns of these two superstar and other is returns of goldberg to face brock lesnar this year. In the official page you can see that Golberg tweets as well as news of his returns. Now you have to wait for the month of april this year and at the same time it will be decided who going to fight with taker this year in wrestlemania 33. So keep checking all latest stuff about wwe wrestlemania 33.